Dr Niraj Vora – New Knees, Hips May Also Help the Heart

Knee and joint replacement specialists are of the opinion that along with knee problems, if you also suffer from recurrent hip joint ailments, then it is better to hip and knee replacement surgery to get relief from unbearable pain. The regular patients do not even know that hip and know replacement operations can actually facilitate the functioning of their hearts. According to some of the best hip replacement doctors in Mumbai, the prolonged cases of arthritis and orthopaedic problems can eventually lead to cardiovascular diseases or cardiovascular deaths. Some medical research findings show that the rate of cardio diseases was low in patients, who went for total knee replacement arthroplasty, than those who were already suffering from joint, hip and knee-related ailments.

What are the risk factors related to heart?

Dr. Niraj Vora, one of the best knee replacement consultants in India, all those people who suffer from adequate high rate or moderate rate of heart disease actually suffer from arthritis and joint pains of many kind. In fact with all those people who want to have hip surgery benefits must remember that this surgery also reduces the high blood pressure and coronary ailments in patients. This is with respect to all ages and genders.

Dr. Vora is a specialist in joint replacement surgery and he advises how hip and joint replacement can soothe many problems of the human heart. In what is called arthroplasty of the total joint, the hip or the entire knee joint is replaced. Knee replacement surgery recovery time also takes less time, especially with much care and proper medicines, and this does not cause any new effect on the heart. There is also another problem that if the patients continue with medication for joint pains for a long time, then the rate of cardiovascular diseases can also increase to a large extent. These medications may also cause inflammation of the arteries, and even lead to major and minor arterial blockage.

The risks involved in joint replacement surgery:

The medical findings of many of the best hip replacement doctors in Mumbai point out that there can be minor risks involved in knee and hip replacement surgery. The tissues, nerve segments and ligaments can suffer due to inflammation, or they can be damaged in some other ways. Sometimes the patient may also die due to clotting of blood.

So the patients should consider the pros and cons of knee replacement surgery for getting better results altogether.