Dr Niraj Vora – Importance’s Of Vitamin C to Build Strong Bones

Bones are the main essence, which forms the skeleton of the body, bones plays multiple roles like — providing structure, protecting organs, anchoring muscles and storing calcium. While it’s particularly important to take steps to build strong and healthy bones during childhood and adolescence, you can take steps during adulthood to protect bone health too.

Vitamin C: Good for Bones

Vitamin c is the basic protein in bones it is required for the normal production of collagen and optimal functioning of the osteoblast cells responsible for making new hard bone.

Dr Niraj Vora, as a joint replacement specialist has listed below the importance’s of vitamin c to build strong bones.

• Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins, i.e. your body cannot produce the vitamin and it must be obtained from food. Well known as an anti-oxidant and also contributes to a healthy immune system.

• Vitamin C is water-soluble, which means that the body gets rid of it quickly and efficiently.

• Vitamin C promotes healthy and constant bone renewal, critical to preventing fractures.

• Vitamin C promotes higher bone mass and lowers fracture rates.

Vitamin C Stops Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease affecting adults, characterized by decreased bone formation and loss of bone mass that can result in fractures, which causes bones to become brittle and even fracture. The best knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai, Dr Niraj Vora opines as you age, the risk of bone fractures and other complications of osteoporosis rise.

Good bone health requires a balanced diet rich in vitamin C which actively protects against osteoporosis. So it is as important as the minerals for prevention of osteoporosis.

Factors Involved in Good Bone health:

• According to top orthopedic surgeons, diet is not the only important factor in ensuring bones develop correctly.

• Genetic factors are sometimes involved, i.e. some ethnic groups may have stronger bones than others.

• Gender is also important as women tend to have a lower bone mass than men.

• Physical activity, especially weight bearing exercises such as walking and running are very important to build bone strength.

• Body weight affects bone strength, as heavier people tend to have stronger bones due to the extra weight they are required to carry.