Dr Niraj Vora – How to Prevent Knee Injuries?

Dr Niraj Vora shares a few tips on How to Prevent Knee Injuries?

Knees tend to pass through a vulnerable pain caused due to sprains, strains, and fractures that can be easily avoided by taking certain simple precautions. Above all like it’s said  prevention is better than cure, it is essential for people to take a proper care and precautions as knee pain is a very common condition that effects almost 19% of the total population.

On a normal scale, women tend to have more knee pains than men, but its occurrence can be steadily same in both genders after a certain age.

Wear Good Footwear:

It is very essential for everyone to wear good foot wear to avoid knee and ankle injuries. If you wear a loose shoes or sandals, it will increase the pronation that gives extra stress on knees resulting in pain and injury.

Keep Control on Weight:

It is the most beneficial health aspect to maintain body metabolism in good balance to avoid many health complications like the one knee pain. Over weight and obesity puts pressure on knees and can also lead to osteoarthritis.

Lifting Heavy Weight Objects:

Lifting heavy weight objects will put stress on knees that ultimately results in knee injuries. There is always a way to carry heavy objects, so that you can avoid stress on knees and prevent from injuries.

Improve your Muscles Strength:

Doing exercises, workouts and activities like walking, swimming and jogging can improve muscles strength around knees that helps to stay stronger.

Low Impact Exercises:

Weight training through low impact exercises can also help in increasing knee strength and making them less prone to injuries.

Wear Protective Guards:

It is mandatory for sporting professionals to wear Protective Guards to avoid any fractures or mishap while playing any sports. Do not forget to stretch before you start your sporting activities.

Intake Good Diet:

Intake of nutritious food items like fresh fruits, leafy vegetables and other omega-3 fatty acids can make you stronger in health and thereby avoiding internal and external injuries to knees.

Remember good exercise and good diet can make your bones stronger and knee flexible enough to carry out activities with less stress and pressure.

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