Dr Niraj Vora – Are You a Candidate for a Total Knee Replacement?

If you are suffering from knee problem and pain then you cannot stay healthy. In this case, you can face total knee replacement surgery. Partial knee replacement surgery can improve your knee also, but the decision totally depends on your injury level. There are three main parts of the knee, which can be effected simultaneously. These parts are called inner or medical parts, outer or lateral part and upper or patellofemoral parts. If one part of your knee has been damaged then it can be replaced and it does not affect the other parts of knee. Partial knee replacement surgery procedure is less painful and cost effective also. Total knee replacement can improve your legs totally but it will take a lot of time and it is suggested to consult with some knee replacement specialist in Mumbai and make sure about your knee conditions.

Identifying knee problems according to age:

Now total knee replacement has become a routine but it is not good for everyone. It has been noticed that, total knee replacement for geriatric patients or for fifty years old people can face second time replacement surgery after few years. The second attempt is being less successful because the bone marrow becomes week at this age and the knee has been drilled at the first time surgery also. So, it is very important to identify the knee replacement candidate by following a thorough check-up.

Knee replacement surgery: facts and features

• If you are overweight then you might face dislocation of joints, knee injury and your knee can be affected easily. When you walk, run or go for biking, your total body weight creates pressure on your knee. It is necessary to stay healthy and keep your body in shape.

• Arthritis patients take some drugs as pain killers and it can affect their knees and kidney in the long run. It is suggested that if your knee requires partial or entire replacement, according to knee resurfacing doctor in India, then do this surgery and stay healthy.

Knee replacement surgery recovery time depends on your exercise routine and medication. If you maintain the regular knee exercise routine according to your doctor advice then your pain will be removed within a short time.

• Magnetic or acupuncture therapy can provide positive result in this case and but it is better to avail knee joint replacement according to your doctor’s suggestion.