Dr Niraj Vora – Benefits of Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Joint pains, stiffness and immobilization are the main reasons that reflect a great discomfort in your life. It is essential for you to consult a good Orthopaedic doctor, if you are suffering from severe knee pain while walking, sitting, and performing any activity.  If your pain is ruthless even after following a medication of pain killers and good rest, it is alarming situation for you to go for a serious medical observation by orthopaedic specialist.

In course of time and treatment, you are asked to go through a complete examination of the total knee structure from x-rays and medical history of the patient.  Initially any specialist orthopaedic doctor would suggest physiotherapy, steroid injections, simple exercises, and walking using supports. After following the steps of medication and treatment, if you still face intolerable pain in your knees, knee replacement surgeon will advise you to undergo Total Knee Replacement for relieving pain.

Normally, knee pains are common in the present day world with more number of professionals facing many relative health problems that form the basic cause of the joint pain like obesity, less walking and exercise, eating and sleeping disorders. The major and common reason is age and wear & tear of the joints. Also to list are few medical conditions like arthritis, genetic disease, development abnormalities and injuries.

People have actually tried to avoid knee replacement surgery through non surgical ways, weight loss programs, bringing a change in lifestyle, food and eating habits, sleeping schedules that have got few of them to relaxing stage. The great comfort level from pain and switching back to normal life was only possible from Total Knee Replacement Surgery.

Total Knee Replacement is a surgical procedure where the damaged knee joint is replaced by the artificial material like metal or plastic. It is performed by the well experienced knee replacement surgeon who understands the full anatomy of the knee and can provide the best treatment for your health problem.

Total Knee Replacement is also known as knee arthroplasty, where the damaged surfaces of the arthritis knee are replaced by artificial metal or plastic part called ‘implant’ or ‘prosthesis’. These man-made (artificial) prosthetic devices are shaped to allow continued motion of the knee. There are two types of knee replacement surgeries, partial knee replacement and total replacement. Based on the severity level of the pain in the knee joints, the patient is suggested to undergo for either total or partial replacement.

 Benefits of Total Knee Replacement Surgery:

Improves Quality of Life:

Total replacement surgery can give better and improved lifestyle filled with happiness and pleasure. You can move around wherever you like without the help of anybody’s support or supporters. You can walk, climb and perform simple to medium level activities without feeling the pressure of earlier pain and discomfort in the joints. The flexibility factor will have a total positive reflection on you with an improved quality of lifestyle.

Reduces Instability:

The surgery helps in reducing the instability factors to a great extent like the ones you have faced earlier like shivering and shacking while walking or climbing. It also reduces pain to a larger degree from the range of comfortless.

Great Access to Mobility:

After the surgery, you can be access to free mobile movements while walking, climbing and performing different activities. You can be more mobile when compared to earlier stage as the new artificial knee joints makes it easy to move around. They help in bending easily without any sign of pain and discomfort.

Perform Daily Activities:

You can resume to your daily activities as normally as you used to prefer earlier. You can even perform simple to lower stress level activities like walking, jogging and swimming. However you should avoid heavy lifting activities.

Lead a Normal Life:

You can lead a normal life like others while giving a little care to your knees. Surgery will make you feel as normal as before and you can go around places without any restrictions.

Improved Muscle Strength:

After the surgery and in the recovery phase, your activities like good exercise and following physiotherapy treatment improves your muscles strength. Improved muscle strength around the knees always helps in improving the condition of knees and its performance.

95% Success Rate:

Total knee replacement is performed by best surgeon following all advanced technologies that relatively will result in 95% success rate.

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