Dr Niraj Vora – Hip Resurfacing Surgery

Hip Resurfacing Surgery alike hip replacement surgery, is also a procedure that involves joint replacement. But in Hip Resurfacing Surgery, the kind of implant used and the process involved is different from Hip Replacement Surgery. To know the difference between Hip Replacement Surgery and a Hip Resurfacing Surgery, it is always better to know the Hip Joint Structure thoroughly.

Let’s know about the Total Hip Joint Structure:

A hip joint is like a ball and socket joint, which is formed by the acetabulum of the hip bone called Pelvic bone and the thigh bone called the Femur. The head of the femur bone is ball and the concave surface of the pelvic bone is the socket.

 Functioning of the Hip Joints:

  1. Hip joints help in supporting the total weight of the body while standing, jumping, walking, running and other activities.
  2. Hip joints help in movement of the legs

Due to various reasons and conditions, people are bound to suffer from severe pain in hip areas. Most common reasons are muscle strain, fractures, tendonitis and arthritis.

Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is developed as a surgical alternative for Hip replacement.

 Advantages of a Hip Resurfacing Surgery

  • Hip resurfacing surgery lasts for longer time as anatomical sized ‘metal on metal’ bearing implant or prosthesis is used in a hip.
  • Patients are advised to lead to active lifestyle unlike hip replacement surgery that has a risk of dislocation of the implant.
  • Hip resurfacing surgery procedure does not involve in removal of bone like hip replacement surgery where the head and the neck of thigh bone is removed.
  • With Hip Resurfacing Surgery, gradually the quality of bone improves unlike it is very tough situation for any improvement in total hip replacement surgery.
  • In Hip Resurfacing Surgery, the patient recovery phase is faster than in total replacement surgery.

Dr Niraj Vora is a renowned consultant in joint replacement surgery who has specialisation in Hip Resurfacing Surgery and Joint Replacement (Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement). He has been extensively trained in the UK.

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