Alternatives to Hip Replacement Surgery

A hip replacement surgery is needed when severe hip arthritis causes terrible pain which makes it difficult to walk. A hip replacement is not always the answer to your difficulty. Hip replacement surgery comes with its risks and concerns and in today’s time, there are various non-surgical alternatives to hip replacement. 

Many doctors prefer using hip replacement surgery alternatives before operating their patients. They are a safer way of treating patients and this also ensures that there is no risk. 
Let’s have a look at the alternate ways that may help in treating hip arthritis. 

The non-surgical alternatives
Before opting for hip surgery, a doctor uses non-surgical ways to ease the pain in your hips. The non-surgical alternatives to a hip replacement surgery are:

  • Change in lifestyle: The first alternative way to a hip replacement surgery is a lifestyle change. A person should lose weight, using a cane to walk so that it helps in putting the stress on the painful area of the hip and avoiding activities which might cause pain such as long walks or standing for a long time. 

  • Use of anti-inflammatory medications: hip joint pain occurs due to the inflammation caused by hip arthritis. Inflammation can be reduced with the help of medication and this can delay hip replacement surgery. Doctors may prescribe Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) to decrease the inflammation which is caused by arthritis. Cox-2 Inhibitors are a type of NSAID which is very effective in decreasing pain.

In some cases, doctors may prescribe corticosteroids such as cortisone or prednisone only if the NSAIDs are not effective. But, close monitoring is very necessary as corticosteroids have several side effects.  

  • Physical therapy and exercise: your doctor might prescribe you some exercise or physical therapy so that it improves your strength and flexibility of your hip. It also increases the strength and stability of all other lower extremity muscles. You can exercise by riding a bicycle, and by doing some lightweight training and flexibility exercises. 

An aquatic therapy program will also be very effective and it allows mild resistance by removing weight-bearing stress. An experienced physical therapist is a must for this. 

  • Dietary supplements: doctors may prescribe two dietary supplements known as Glucosamine and Chondroitin which are commonly available in a combined tablet. These may decrease the symptoms of hip arthritis. If you take these supplements on a daily basis, you might see that the acute pain of hip arthritis is decreasing. 

These are a few hip replacement alternatives that might be prescribed to you by the doctor. They have proven to be very effective and with continuous treatment, surgery might never be needed. Dr Niraj Vora is a specialist in joint replacement and trauma surgery in Mumbai. He encourages his patients and treats them with these non-surgical alternatives to hip replacement before operating on them. Visit Dr Niraj Vora today in Mumbai to get rid of your hip pain caused by hip arthritis.