Dr Niraj Vora: Faster Recovery from Hip and Knee Surgery

The term “Surgery” itself gives a mindset of resting and being inactive for certain period to any patient, who attempts to undergo it. People assume a surgery would make them an energetic and lively person only after the initial suffering of the pain due to the surgical process. Recovery to any surgery is long and is a bit difficult phase to pass through for any patient. A patient should equally take it in a much more proactive manner to face the pain and change in the body system. They should be mentally and physically prepared to face the change and new phase of the life with implants.

Thanks to technology and improved surgical techniques that are helping in faster recovery and lessening the range of risks like infection, blood clots, and extreme post surgical pain. The surgical pains are much lower with the refinements in technique and anaesthesia. There are more and more successful knee and hip replacement surgeries performed by specialist surgeons who are trained in the Hip Resurfacing and Joint Replacement (Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement).

Dr Niraj Vora is a specialist Hip & Knee Surgeon & Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon from Mumbai, India. He is well trained in Hip Resurfacing and Joint Replacement (Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement) surgeries. He has performed many successful surgeries that have given faster recovery to many patients.

Effective medication and proactive physio therapy can help patients recover faster.

Dr Niraj Vora’s successful surgeries have overwhelming responses for their faster recoveries. Here’s an insert of a patient’s experience shared as gratitude towards Dr Niraj Vora:


Indu Singh, 65 years of age was suffering from Osteoporosis of bones from past 6 years. She faced a lot of discomfort in the right knee, and every Orthopaedic Surgeons in Mumbai suggested her to undergo a knee replacement.  She was very fearful for the surgery pain, so she stressed on having only medication, pain killers and serum injections. The medication worked temporarily and she again had severe pain.

One of her friend suggested Dr Niraj Vora, after meeting him she gained confidence and decided to undergo the surgery.

Dr Niraj Vora has given her confidence by explaining her the surgery procedure and how it is going to help her. Today after surgery, she is able to household work, go for shopping, go for movies, walk around in the malls and visit friends. Now she is trying to convince her husband for a trip abroad. She could recover faster with Dr Niraj Vora treatment and all the precautions that helped her a lot.

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