Knee Pain Symptoms – Dr Niraj Vora

Knee Pain:

Understanding what is causing your knee pain not an easy task. A skilled physician can only use clues to determine the cause of knee pain.

Here are few of the knee pain symptoms that are experienced by patients:

Location of Pain:

Front of Knee: Pain over the front of the knee is most commonly related to the knee cap.

Inside of Knee: Pain on the inside, or medial side, of the knee is commonly caused by  MCL injuries, and arthritis.

Outside of Knee: Pain on the outside of the knee, or lateral side, is commonly caused by lateral meniscus tears, LCL injuries, IT band tendonitis, and arthritis.

Back of Knee: Pain in the back of the knee can be due to the collection of fluid, called a Baker’s Cyst.

While going down stairs: Pain while walking down steps is very commonly associated with kneecap problems, such as chondromalacia.

Please contact how Dr Niraj Vora can examine knee to determine the source of pain and what tests can be performed to make the diagnosis.