Dr Niraj Vora – Total Knee Replacement Surgery Pain, Recovery Time

The recovery time in any surgery is very crucial period to get back to normal life in perfect condition. After the surgery, any patient is advised to take caution on their diet, exercise and wound care. It is very specifically intended that the patient should follow the series of precautions suggested by the surgeon or the physician or the therapist.

Patients who underwent total knee replacement surgery are encouraged to slowly progress in walking activity, firstly in indoor and then move on to outdoors. While in recovery period, patients should follow knee-strengthening exercises that are taught by the physiotherapist. Patients should walk firstly using walker, then cane and finally unassisted.

The pain tolerance level is different from patient to patient, so the recovery time also might be at a faster pace in some patients and slower in some other patients. Patients, who show positive response for their betterment and enthusiasm towards walking in quick note, are encouraged to go home early for resuming to their normal lives. It is observed in some patients, that they are able to stand up on the new knees within 24 hours using crutches and frames.

Crucial Aspects of the Recovery Period

Stitches Removal: It is advised to follow the surgeon schedule and let stitches be removed by surgeon after 7- 10 days.

Walking Activity: Patients can walk to moderate distance using walking aids initially and later on progress to walk even to distance places without walking aids.

Rehabilitation Program: For at least 3 months after the surgery, patient needs rehabilitation program ideally. But to get the best results can go for 6 months rehabilitation program.

Sports/Driving/Recreation Activities: Patient can resume to sporting activities after 6- 12 weeks of time period. It is recommended and strictly advised to patients to follow the moderate level of activity to avoid any complications. Avoid heavier and jarring activities like jogging, squash, badminton, football and basket ball. Do not twist/pivot on your knee, and also remember to avoid kneeling down, squatting, jogging, jumping and knee stress related activities.

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