Dr Niraj Vora – Satisfaction Gauge in Knee Replacement Surgery

A surgery is a basic procedure followed to get rid of certain complications with a realistic expectation of attaining satisfaction in life. Regardless of age, people want to experience happiness and maintain equilibrium between mobility and independence. It is very common thinking among most of citizens who choose or plan to enjoy only at their retirement age as they are very busy with different issues of concerns like work, responsibilities, time factors and financial pressures. They wish to tour around the world at later part of their life, as they are busy in their working age.

At an older age, when they really want to enjoy the true fruits of their hard earned labor, happen to fall the victims of health issues. Most of them suffer from major health complications that limit their food habits and mobility factors. Likewise is the major health issue among the old people is knee joint pains due to knee diseases. Surgeries like knee replacement can allow senior citizens to still be physically active and get them back to their normal life performing their regular activities.

Dr Niraj Vora is a Knee Replacement Surgeon performing knee replacement surgeries from past a decade. He has 19 years of experience in orthopaedic surgeries related to Knee and Hip joints. Knee Replacement surgery is generally performed to improve the quality of life of the patient who suffers with severe knee pain. The procedure will give the patient new joints to resume back to activities like walking, jogging, and low sports like tennis or badminton.

Satisfaction with Surgery is obvious for any patient as knee replacement works well till your age of sixty. It is important that the patient should be satisfied with the result of knee replacement surgery. It is said that a knee replacement that works well can give you the knee of a sixty year old. It is assumed that satisfied patients with realistic expectations are those who follow doctor’s instructions, and have zeal to recover quick and fast.

Three factors to Gauge Satisfaction in Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Severity of preoperative pain and stiffness, the greater relief the patient gets from the surgery against the severe pain that patient had before operation.
  • If the outcome of operation is less relief to the pain, the less will be the satisfaction.
  • Very High expectations prior to operation are not satisfied by knee replacement.

Dr Niraj Vora explains to the patients about the surgery, and its impact in a detailed mode so as to make the patient feel comfortable with the surgery procedure and its further life.

If you are witnessing many issues to restrict your lifestyle from severe knee pains, please contact Dr Niraj Vora. Want to know about him in detail, please visit: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/dr-niraj-l-vora/58/212/752