Suresh Maheshwari Reviews Dr Niraj Vora Post Surgery

I was about 72 years old and had come to a point in my life where arthritic knee pain in one of my leg was very bad and the Arthritic Pain in other leg had slowly started to become unbearable as well.

Bilateral Total Knee Replacement — A Simultaneous staged procedure means to replace both knees on the same day, under one anesthesia.

Suresh-Maheshwari - Dr Niraj Vora Review

Suresh-Maheshwari – Dr Niraj Vora Review

The surgery was planned in Middle of December, 2014 and has been 100% success till date (May, 2015). The attention to minute detail, focus and commitment by Dr. Niraj Vora and his team is commendable

Dr Niraj Vora is a complete package and the best you can get.