How Long Does It Take To Recover From Joint Replacement?

Joint Replacement refers to the surgery which is undertaken for osteoarthritis, replacing the deteriorated cartilage with substitutes composed of plastic, metallic, or ceramic materials to protect your joint bones from crushing or damaging further. While the condition is common with joints functioning as the prime point of our activities, arthritis and joint replacement generally comprise two types: hip and knee joints.

Recovery Time Taken

The time taken for recovery from hip joint replacement and knee joint differs due to its distinct functionality and the surgery procedure adopted. While the hip joint takes curtailed time to heal, the knee joint on the other hand requires prolonged time to rotate and adjust to your movements. By understanding the recovery time, an individual can efficiently plan their surgery.

Hip replacement surgery recovery time is estimated to be around 6 weeks, wherein the patient can resume their routine work after 6 weeks. Knee replacements take over 6 weeks and about 3 months to soothe the swelling and pain oriented with the joints. The patient’s body is however known to be in the recovery process for 2 years with an evident difference. Post the initial rest period of 6 weeks there is no strain or major discomfort experienced. The medications offered by the practitioner also aid in picking up pace with the healing process.

With the advancements in the medical field, there have been instances where the patient can be discharge post the surgery within a day. That certainly eases the cumulative doubts that surface with the thought of surgery. The hip replacement surgery is undertaken within 1.5 hours and the knee replacement surgery takes 2 hours.

Healing Process post the surgery

  • No signs of dizziness or post-surgery weakness.
  • Ability to move around in crutches or with the assistance of a walker for the initial stage.
  • Manageable and controlled pain.
  • Able to eat, sleep and perform everyday movements without any nausea.

When can you start walking?

One of the most common questions asked among patients is whether they’d be able to walk or move around without crutches within a month. Well, the great news is that it merely takes up to 2 to 4 weeks for an arthritis patient to walk with ease. Further, the ability to walk early post the surgery also aids in preventing blood clogging or other health issues. Despite the rapid recovery, the patients should refrain from participating in core athletic activities.

Health Care Tips

Here are some health care tips, pre-surgery and for the recovery process:

  • Pre-Surgery

Plan, improvise and appoint your surgery dates by ensuring that you get sufficient leaves from work, have help arranged post the surgery, and more. It can also help a great deal if one remains fit and in shape to speed up the recovery, quit unhealthy habits like smoking, and rely on a balanced diet.

  • Hip Replacement Surgery Recovery Tips

Get adequate rest as instructed by experts, adhere to equipment suggested like braces and icing machines, follow your appointments to have the wound inspected, administer the medications prescribed, and visit the physiotherapist for exercises broadening complete functionality and repair.

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