Ms. Ritu Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

“I consider Dr. Niraj Vora as somebody who literally gave me a second life! With close 21 years of walking disability (with one leg shorter than the other by close to 4 inches) I had almost forgotten to walk like normal people. More than the walking disability, in my present 30s I had started developing other problems like back aches, muscular pains and many more.

Consultation with Dr. Niraj Vora and his advice to go for a Hip Replacement was God send! I had consulted many other doctors prior to visiting him but he was the only surgeon who managed to instill confidence in me and convince me that this is the right path.

Dr Niraj Vora is a very able and compassionate surgeon, and has always given me and my family an assurance that he is approachable and the fact that “no question/concern is trivial”. He operated me in May 2011, and today more than one year after the surgery I walk like any other person, flaunt many pairs of shoes, exercise, and lead a very normal & confident life”