Surgical Treatment of Orthopaedic Trauma – Dr Niraj Vora

How often have we ignored the various joint pains, muscle pulls and minor fractures that we encountered throughout our life? We tend to ignore these most of the times as we are so strictly held up in our jobs and busy schedules. This is when things go wrong.

Joint pain can lead to major problems as we age. It’s basically a kind of malady which starts from a scratch and later turns into something damaging and dangerous.

Progressing technology in India has given us an easy access to almost everything just by a click/touch. People have completely forgotten the importance of fitness and exercising nowadays. This, in turn, has acted as a catalyst to make the bones even more fragile and weak with time. The more weak and fragile our bones are, the more they become prone to fractures.

Accidents can occur to anyone anywhere leading to several Orthopaedic trauma fractures.

Orthopaedic traumas occur when someone undergoes an accident and injures any part of their musculoskeletal system. Orthopaedic traumas can be treated by fracture repair surgeries performed by an Orthopaedist or a surgeon. To repair the fracture, the surgeon realigns and rejoins the broken bones.

We must also know that not all fractures might be equally severe. Fractures may be minor as well depending on the condition and cause of the fracture.

There are four kinds of fractures:

  • Oblique Fracture: In this fracture, the line of breakage traces down obliquely to the axis of the bone
  • Comminuted Fracture: In this fracture, the bone breaks into two fragments
  • Spiral Fracture: In this fracture, the bone twists apart
  • Compound Fracture: In this fracture, the overlying skin is broken and the fracture is exposed

The method used in minor fracture treatments is external fixation where the surgeon uses devices like braces, splints, casts, screws etc. on the outside of the injury to fix the fracture.

But when the damage caused is much more severe, the surgeon may have to operate the patient. These severe trauma fractures are treated by the internal fixation method or other complex surgeries.

Dr Niraj Vora, one of the best Orthopaedics and trauma surgeon in India has done more than 1000 successful Orthopaedic trauma surgeries.

In Dr Niraj Vora’s trauma overview, he says that it becomes very important to repair the fracture if there are any chances of restoration of the damaged bone. He also says that during the whole healing procedure the bone on which the surgery is carried out should be kept firmly in a correct position. If it is not fixed in the right position, it may result in the wrong alignment of bones and hence it may cause severe pain and various physical dysfunctions.

In this fracture repair process, the bones are aligned and arranged quite similarly to their initial normal positions, without causing any disturbance to the skin.

Dr Niraj Vora has performed numerous Orthopaedics surgeries using methods like traction or by immobilization of the bones. According to him, traction helps to neutralize the muscle pulling in the injured site.

So, it’s better to get your Orthopaedic trauma treatment and fix up your trauma fractures. Before the pain increases and the condition worsens.