Exercises for Those With Joint Problems – Dr. Niraj Vora

According to Dr. Niraj Vora, an eminent Specialist in Joint replacement Surgery, physical activities, which include joint pain exercises can be most rewarding when it comes to joint pain, joint problems and other issues. Low impact and moderate intensity exercises can give additional benefits and improve the quality of life.

The benefits you can get from these exercises include decreased pain in the joints, improving the balance, flexibility and function of the body, and boosting the mood to overcome anxiety. Aerobic activities can be considered as the best exercise for joint problems, says the top orthopedic doctor Mumbai. Aerobic activities that enhance the heart rate without causing much impact on the joints can be the best exercises for those having joint pain. You should choose exercises that you find comfortable, without having to put too much stress on the joints, if you have to get relief from joint pain. You can choose from moderate exercises like elliptical machines, dancing, spinning class, treadmill, swimming, stationery bike, yoga or Tai Chi.

You also have a choice of outdoor activities that include soccer, jogging, golf, paddle-boarding, volleyball, baseball, walking, skiing and ice or roller skating. Balance activities can also be good for those having joint issues, as these exercises will prevent from falls, while maintaining the body balance. Specialist in Joint replacement Surgery like Dr. Niraj Vora opines flexibility training and strengthening activities are the best exercises for joint pain. Weight training can be the best exercise for joint problems, which include weight cuffs, free weights and gym machines. Other exercises that are recommended by any top orthopedic doctor Mumbai, include body-weight resistance and resistance band exercises, which can be done anywhere and are inexpensive. The most important thing is to modify the exercises according to the level of comfort, in order to get relief from joint pain. Once you get accustomed to the exercises which provide you comfort and do not exert much pressure on the joints, there is every likelihood that you will carry on with them to get the desired results. While choosing exercises, it is better that you consult an orthopedic. To contact Dr. Niraj Vora, you can visit his website http://drnirajvora.com/