Dr Niraj Vora – Hip Replacement Specialist in Mumbai

Amidst the list of trendy hip replacement specialist in Mumbai, Dr.Niraj Vora stands the most popular and proactive surgeon who cares for his patients with total hospitality. He is well trained in Orthopaedics in UK and spent around 15 years in learning latest techniques in trauma and Hip and Knee replacement. He is flexible with the use of Computer Assisted Navigation, Hip Resurfacing and “High Flexion” Knee Replacement.

He has been trained at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Hospital, Oswestry, UK, the best hospital that has largest number of joint replacements performed a year in the UK.

The total hip replacement surgery requirements in terms of the cost involved, are low.  There are thousands and lakhs of people who go through this surgery every year and this validates the point that it is cost effective and can be afforded by people of all walks of life.  Dr.Niraj Vora, as humble and generous person treats his patients with patience and understands the Baffordability of the patients.

Total Total hip replacement surgery is very popular and practical with high rate of success. In the process of hip replacement surgery, the damaged ball (the upper end of femur) is replaced by artificial material like metal or ceramic ball that is attached to the metal with or without cement into the femur. The damaged socket is replaced by a plastic or ceramic socket that is implanted into the pelvis. The surgeon carefully implants the artificial objects to the hip area so that the ball and the socket move freely without causing any pain to the patient.

Patients who are advised to undergo replacement surgeries can always feel free to approach Dr Niraj L Vora by submitting a query at http://www.drnirajvora.com/contact.html.