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Occupational and Genetic Risk Factors for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease mainly refers to the mechanical wear and tear of the joints. This is manifested by the inflammation and deformity of the joints due to the deterioration of tendons and ligaments around them and the breakdown of their cartilage. We now enumerate the occupational and genetic risk factors for osteoarthritis and […]

Distal Femur Fracture Surgery in Mumbai

Distal femur fractures in Mumbai are not as common as other types of fractures. Since the knee bone is usually very strong in younger folk, it takes a violent traumatic accident to cause a fracture. On the other hand, for the elder adults as the bone becomes weak they suffer a higher risk of this […]

Symptoms Causes and Hip Bursitis Treatment in Mumbai

The hip is one of the strongest joints in the human body that is the foundation of our daily movement. Whether to walk, jump, run, sit or perform any kind of physical activity, the hip provides the foundation, power and stability that our body needs.  So when the crucial joint of the hip suffers problems, […]

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis

Juvenile idiopathic arthritis in children under 16 is common chronic arthritis that can be severe for a child’s health. This may cause problems in growth, eye inflammation, and damage to joints. It is more common in girls and in most cases can be treated by reducing the symptoms. What are the symptoms? It is better […]

Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India | Affordable Treatment Procedures

First performed in the early 1960s, total hip replacement surgery has quickly become one of the most successful surgeries in the world just in 5 decades. Its efficiency in helping people get rid of damaged hips is well documented to the point that it was called “Operation of the century” by Lancet in 2007. Even […]

Bowed Legs Treatment for Babies in Mumbai by Dr. Niraj Vora

Bowed legs in babies is a common condition where the baby’s legs curved outward at an unnatural angle at the knees while the feet are together at their usual position. Though most of the babies aged 1-2 years show varying degrees of the bow-leggedness, as the babies start to walk, the bones straighten out and […]

Ms. Ritu Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

“I consider Dr. Niraj Vora as somebody who literally gave me a second life! With close 21 years of walking disability (with one leg shorter than the other by close to 4 inches) I had almost forgotten to walk like normal people. More than the walking disability, in my present 30s I had started developing other problems like […]

Mrs. Swarna Thakral Reviews Dr Niraj Vora Post Surgery

My wife aged 73 was operated for knee replacement on 6th January 2012. The operation was done by Dr. Niraj Vora in both knees in TWO hours flat. Now she is quite normal and having perfect gait. No complications. I strongly support Dr Niraj Vora as the best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai.

Mrs. Celina Pereira Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

I am Mrs. Celina Pereira aged 59 years, a resident of Vasai Maharashtra. I am a retired teacher. Being a teacher by profession, standing and teaching was a part of my work. To stand in school and travelling by trains from school to home was very hectic. In recent past my knees ached very badly. […]

Surgical Treatment of Orthopaedic Trauma – Dr Niraj Vora

How often have we ignored the various joint pains, muscle pulls and minor fractures that we encountered throughout our life? We tend to ignore these most of the times as we are so strictly held up in our jobs and busy schedules. This is when things go wrong. Joint pain can lead to major problems […]