Sudden Hip And Groin Pain? Here Are The Possible Causes

The sudden onset of hip and groin pain can be profoundly debilitating for individuals, given the fundamental role these areas play in facilitating movement and stability.

Continuous discomfort in these regions hinders everyday activities, creating a significant impact on one’s quality of life. So, what causes this sudden pain? According to top hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Niraj Vora, there are various reasons and medical conditions that can trigger hip and groin pain.

“The sudden sting of pain and aches in the groin and hip, worsening every day, can be worrisome for an individual”, emphasizes hip specialist Dr. Niraj Vora. To alleviate anxiety and enhance awareness, it’s essential to understand the possible causes of hip and groin pain. In this blog, with insights from hip specialist in Mumbai, Dr. Niraj Vora, we explore the potential reasons for hip and groin pain in both men and women.

Possible Causes of Hip & Groin Pain:

The causes of hip and groin pain can vary from person to person based on their age, injury, and previous medical history. In this blog, we have deal with hip and groin pain cases in elder adults both with and without injury:

Possible Causes of Hip and Groin Pain – Trauma/Injury:

  1. Muscle Strain or Overuse: The hip and groin muscles can get strained due to sudden movements or repetitive overuse over an extended period.
  2. Hip Labral Tear: Prolonged repetitive movements or trauma to the hip and groin muscles can lead to a hip labral tear, causing hip or groin pain.
  3. Tendinitis: Prolonged stress due to repetitive use, especially in sports, can inflame the tendons in the hip or groin area, leading to hip or groin pain.
  4. Hip Fracture: A hip fracture, whether mild or moderate, is another obvious reason for hip and groin pain caused by injury or trauma. In some cases, osteoporosis in older adults can also result in hip fractures without injury.
  5. Sports Hernia: Athletes, due to repetitive overuse, can tear or strain their soft tissues in the lower abdomen or groin, leading to a sports hernia, which causes pain in the hip and groin area.

Possible Causes of Hip and Groin Pain – Older Age without Injury:

  1. Osteoarthritis: Over time, hip cartilage degeneration can lead to pain and arthritis, causing hip and groin pain.
  2. Hip Bursitis: Inflammation of bursae in the hip, which reduces friction in the hip joint. Repetitive stress, hip injuries, or postural issues can cause hip bursitis, leading to hip or groin pain.
  3. Hip Impingement: Bone abnormalities or soft tissue issues can lead to hip impingements, causing hip and groin pain. Abnormal contact between hip joint bones is often seen in older individuals.
  4. Hip Dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is a hip defect present at birth where the hip doesn’t grow enough, causing hip complications as one grows into adulthood.

The above are possible causes of hip and groin pain that can occur with or without injury or trauma incidents. Due to age-related degeneration, older adults may experience severe symptoms that often take a long time for recovery and healing. Therefore, it is always advised to consult a joint specialist specializing in hip joints as soon as one experiences pain and ache.

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