Mrs. Celina Pereira Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

I am Mrs. Celina Pereira aged 59 years, a resident of Vasai Maharashtra. I am a retired teacher. Being a teacher by profession, standing and teaching was a part of my work. To stand in school and travelling by trains from school to home was very hectic. In recent past my knees ached very badly.

I consulted many doctors for knee pain and they had asked me to undergo Knee Replacement but I was not confident and convinced for the surgery. One of our family friends referred Dr. Niraj Vora and asked me to consult him. We consulted Dr. Vora and on the day of appointment itself I was convinced and confident that I can undergo surgery. I was never hospitalised in my lifetime and always avoided to take shots when unwell. This was a really major decision for me to undergo surgery but Dr. Vora made it all easy and smooth for me clearing all doubts that I had in my mind.

I was ready for Bilateral Knee Replacement and was operated on 28th March 2015.I was operated in morning and evening I was asked to stand for a while by the physiotherapist, this boosted my confidence level and made me feel that I can do even better than this. On the second day I was made to walk through the corridor in the hospital and third day I climbed up and down the hospital staircase. Fourth day I started walking in the hospital without anybody’s support. Eight day I was discharged from hospital.

Mrs Celina Pereira Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

Mrs. Celina Pereira Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

I give all credit to Dr. Niraj Vora for his skills of handling the patient and giving the patient confidence enough during pre and post-surgery. He visits his patients daily and boosts their confidence level. I thank entire staff of hospital, doctors and nurses for their support and help. Now I am leading a normal life.