Total Hip Replacement Surgery in India | Affordable Treatment Procedures

First performed in the early 1960s, total hip replacement surgery has quickly become one of the most successful surgeries in the world just in 5 decades. Its efficiency in helping people get rid of damaged hips is well documented to the point that it was called “Operation of the century” by Lancet in 2007.

Even in India, hundreds and thousands of patients have bid farewell to the painful hip problems which they been enduring for years, thanks to new hip implanted by total hip replacement surgery. And yet the majority of Indians are not fully aware of the procedure and benefits its. In this blog here we aim to give everyone a basic idea about the procedure and guide the patients towards affordable total hip replacement surgeries performed by best hip replacement surgeon in India.

What is total hip replacement surgery?

A total hip replacement surgery is a surgical procedure where the completely damaged hip joint is replaced by an artificial joint.

In practice, the damaged cartilage of the hip socket is cleaned and replaced by a bowl-shaped synthetic surface which now holds the prosthetic ball-shaped head that is implanted on to the femur to give a new hip joint free from the old hip problems.

Who needs total hip replacement?

The goal of the total hip replacement surgery is to give a complete relief for patients suffering from painful hip problems which can result due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or trauma arthritis, injuries, bone tumours or even osteonecrosis. In addition to patients who suffer from arthritis, a total hip replacement can also be a perfect choice for people facing severe hip problems of damaged hips caused by natural ageing. Some of the symptoms of these problems include:

  • Hip pain while walking, standing, climbing stairs or performing daily activities.
  • Hip pain out of nowhere even during the rest.
  • Stiffness in the hip that prevents you from lifting the leg.

That said total hip replacement surgery is only preferred when all the other options to alleviate your symptoms and reduce the pain are ruled out by the hip replacement surgeon.

Who is the best hip replacement surgeon in India?

India has always been a home for some of the best surgeons in the world. However total replacement surgery in India is a relatively new procedure that requires specialists well-trained in other countries (origin) with rich experience under their belt. Total hip replacement surgeons who check all the boxes are only a handful in India, Orthopaedic Specialist & Hip Replacement Surgeon Dr Niraj Vora is one of them.

A gold medallist in Orthopaedics, and specialist in hip replacement surgery, Dr Niraj Vora is a UK-trained hip replacement surgeon with a remarkable track record and success rate in India. A teacher examiner and a faculty at Royal College of Surgeons in England Dr Vora has performed more than 3500 joint replacement surgeries and has been named as the best orthopaedic & hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai for 6 times in last 7 years. If you are looking for a hip replacement surgery in Mumbai, Dr Niraj Vora is the best choice there is and you can find him here: