Bowed Legs Treatment for Babies in Mumbai by Dr. Niraj Vora

Bowed legs in babies is a common condition where the baby’s legs curve outward at an unnatural angle at the knees while the feet are together at their usual position. Though most of the babies aged 1-2 years show varying degrees of the bow-leggedness, as the babies start to walk, the bones straighten out and most of them come out of the condition by age 3.

What happens if the bowed legs in babies are untreated?

If bowlegs do not straightened by the time the baby’s age is 3, the condition may worsen. And when the bowlegs are left untreated, it can lead to future complications like difficulties in running and walking, posture problems, higher risk of arthritic conditions, leg deformities, abnormal bone development & other skeletal problems for the child.

What causes bowed legs in babies?

Most of the babies are born bowlegged due to the folded position of legs inside their mother’s womb. Other causes of bowed legs include Blount’s disease, Rickets, Bone Dysplasia, Vitamin-D deficiency, or even lead or fluoride poisoning.

When should the parents worry about the bowed legs?

In most cases, babies come out of the condition by the age of 3. If the condition persists after age 3 and the baby is identified to have difficulties in walking, standing upright, normal body movements and any other bone or muscle-related problems, parents are advised to consult an orthopaedic specialist who specializes in bowleg treatment for infants.

How is the bowlegs in infants diagnosed?

As the treatment for bowed legs depends on the cause of the condition, the paediatric orthopaedic will be conducting a medical examination to identify the severity of the curve. If the orthopaedic specialist believes that there is a problem, X-ray and blood tests other necessary tests are ordered depending upon the curve’s severity. After a thorough diagnosis is performed, a treatment plan will be put together by the orthopaedic specialist.

What are the treatment options for bowed legs in infants?

The specific treatment plan for the bowed legs depends upon the child’s age, medical history, and child’s health, cause of the condition, its severity and the parent’s opinion. Children under 2 years of age are put under special observation in anticipation of development and growth and most cases, the conditions resolve naturally.

If the bowed legs do not straighten out by themselves or if the severity increases throughout observation the orthopaedic specialist may recommend corrective methods like night braces to align legs. Sometimes the conditions cannot be corrected unless the underlying cause is treated. So if the underlying cause is Blount’s disease or Rickets, the patient’s referred to the specialist.

As the condition might complicate, the bowed legs must be treated as soon as possible in children. There are only a few experienced paediatric orthopaedic surgeons who specialize in treatment for bowed legs in Mumbai and Dr. Niraj Vora is one of them. If you are looking for bowed legs treatment for infants in Mumbai, you can contact Dr. Niraj Vora.