Types of Knee Replacement Implants

As our age progresses, our body starts to deteriorate with time! With the increasing age, we start facing a lot of health issues that lead to a lot of physical ailment. The primary reason for facing these issues is the fading capacity of our body to avoid damage. One of the biggest indicators of aging is the reduced ability of our body to resist normal wear and tear. When we enter the old age phase of our life, we start facing a lot of issues regarding our heart, lungs, kidneys, etc. But the worst of them all is the continued excruciating pain in our knees.

After a certain point in time, the knees become one of the weakest points of the body. The pain is so bad that the body is not able to move at all let alone walk. The solution for that is to consult with a knee replacement surgeon that can help you with every phase of the knee replacement surgery.

There are various types of surgeries that are carried out for knee replacement. The major of them is total knee replacement in which both the joints of the knee are replaced. The second one is partial knee replacement wherein only one joint is replaced.  The main varying factor of any surgery is the type of implants that are used to resurface your knee.

Types of implants-

  1. Posterior stabilized design implants-

These are the most commonly used implants in total knee replacement surgery. The cruciate ligaments that are damaged are removed and these implants are used as substitute posterior cruciate ligaments.

  1. Cruciate retaining designed implants-

These are designed especially for those replacements wherein the condition of PCL is good enough to carry on. They don’t have a posterior cruciate design thus making them suitable for patients with good PCL.  They are mainly used when the anterior cruciate is removed during total knee replacement.

  1. Bicruciate retaining designed implants-

These implants are designed with the main aim of retaining both the parts of the cruciate ligament are good enough to carry on. Only a certain part of the knee is replaced thus making you feel like having an unreplaced knee.

  1. Unicompartmental implants-

Partial knee replacement is a less frequently carried out procedure as compared to total knee surgery. These implants are designed to be used to resurface the knee after a partial knee replacement.

Only till a particular age, the conditions related to the knee can be resolved using medical means. As the age advances, the medicines aren’t as effective in treating the knee condition. In old age, the issues related to severe knee pain can be most optimally resolved using knee replacement surgery. The surgical means provide a new life to the knee which is not possible with the help of medicines.

What we recommend is to contact a knee replacement surgeon like renowned Dr. Niraj Vora, to understand your issue, and then consult you as to what kind of knee replacement surgery in India is required. The decision of the knee implants should be left at the behest of these surgeons as well.