Posterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery

Problems related to the knee are commonly faced by millions of people around the world. Therefore, in order to successfully eliminate joint pain and knee issues, it is essential that we understand the functionality of our knees and joints.

The posterior cruciate ligament can be found behind the anterior cruciate ligament present inside the human knee. The ligament connects and links the shin bone with the thigh bone. The posterior cruciate tendon also helps to hold the tibia at its position within the thigh bone.

The posterior cruciate ligament is robust in nature and a lot of force is required to damage the ligament. Injuries to the posterior cruciate ligament are generally experienced by athletes who actively participate in sporting activities or by people who have been through a car crash.

Important Information about PCL Surgery

  • PCL surgery is the surgical repair of a sprained, strained, or torn posterior cruciate ligament.
  • The PCL is placed behind the knee. The PCL links the thigh bone to the shin. The PCL acts in conjunction with the ACL to support the knee.
  • An extensive torn PCL or numerous ligament injuries may necessitate PCL surgery.
  • PCL surgery recovery might take several months to a year.

Causes for PCL Surgery

  • A posterior cruciate ligament injury can occur in a variety of ways. It usually needs a strong force.
  • A frontal knee strike, such as a knee cap striking a panel in a vehicle accident or a tumble onto knees bent in sports.
  • Ligament twisting or hyperextension injuries involve pulling or stretching.
  • A minor fall seldom results in PCL


The following are typical signs of a posterior cruciate ligament injury:

  • Consistent and rapid pain and swelling following an accident
  • Knee swelling that causes stiffness and may result in a limp
  • Walking difficulty
  • It feels as if the knee might give out.

The Two Types of Treatments for PCL

There are two types of treatments for this issue: non-surgical and surgical. You need a good knee replacement surgeon for the procedures involved in surgical treatment. This procedure can be quite expensive, however, if you get treated by a reputable top knee replacement surgeon in Mumbai, such as Dr Niraj Vora , you can be assured of being in good hands.

If you simply hurt your posterior cruciate ligament, your ailment may recover without surgery. Nonsurgical therapy methods may be suggested by your doctor.

If you have several injuries, the doctor might advise you to have surgery. Surgery is nearly usually required after dislocating your knee and damaging multiple ligaments, such as your posterior cruciate ligament. Patients with isolated PCL tears may also benefit from rebuilding if they have prolonged instability or discomfort that does not improve such therapy in which no operation is required.

Final Words: Get the Best Treatment

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Get the best treatment as PCL Surgery is a procedure that requires experienced hands and should be done by the best in business.