Hip Pain While Squatting: Causes and Treatment

Squatting is the most basic day-to-day movement our body performs be it with our exercise or other daily activities. There comes a time when some of us can experience hip pain while squatting, we say it because it is the most common problem most people cite when they reach us for consultation.

So if you happened to experience hip pain during squatting then you know that you are not alone. But why does the hip tend to ache during squatting?  And if it did, how is treated?  With the inputs from the top hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai Dr Niraj Vora, we answered these common questions in our blog here. Read on to know:

Reasons for Hip Pain during Squatting – Their Causes & Treatment Options:

The hip plays a central role during the squatting movement. The hip joining with all its tendons, ligaments and muscle work together to help us squat. So a minor chink near the hip joint may cause pain while squatting even more so in resistance training where weight is used. So there could be an endless list of reasons why the hip can ache during squatting, but the most common reasons for hip pain while squatting are as follows:

Tight hip muscles: The most common and also the simplest reason for hip pain is the rigidness of hip musculature. The hip is a complex joint that works together with the hip muscles and when one of them is tight they tend to pull the hip joint to cause hip pain.

Tight hip muscles happen due to a lack of activity and mobility of the hip joint. Hip pain happens due to tight muscles often happen due to sudden over-activity after a long run of inactivity.

Hip Bursitis: Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that reduce the friction moving parts in the hip joint. Hip bursitis is the condition where these bursae get inflamed and cause pain due to friction between bone and soft tissue. “Improper posture while squatting or standing, hip injury, overuse of hip from running, squatting and jumping and tightness in the hip flexor muscles are some of the causes of hip bursitis”, says hip replacement surgeon in Mumbai dr Niraj Vora.

HIP Impingement: Hip impingement is a structure issue of the hip joint where the ball of the joint doesn’t sit right into the socket. As a result, both the ball and socket rub against each other causing friction between various tissues and bones which causes pain and further damage. Poor ankle flexibility, lack of core strength, and reduced hip flexibility can sometimes trigger hip impingement in healthy individuals.

In addition to the above, there are many causes of hip pain during squatting and only the right specialist can diagnose and identify the cause of hip pain before starting the treatment.

Treatment for Hip Pain during Squatting:

A hip specialist in Mumbai treats hip pain after identifying the right reason. For example hip pain due to tight hip muscles can be treated with medications & physical therapy. This situation can be further prevented by improving mobility, core strength, and hip flexibility and can be prevented by regular activity and hip strengthening.

Hip bursitis is also treated with medications, therapy, assisted devices and in rare cases surgery. Hip impingement is a relatively serious condition that will need a comprehensive treatment plan. “Conservative treatment for hip impingement includes rest, medications, activity modification, and physical therapy. In some cases it may also need surgery where the abnormal hip joint is repaired to enable the healthy function” says Dr Niraj Vora, a specialist in hip replacement surgery in Mumbai. If you are experiencing hip pain during squatting, you can contact him here: @Call: +91-22-6686 8600