Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement vs. Traditional Hip Replacement

When it comes to hip replacement, both patients and doctors stay in the dilemma about which option to choose- traditional hip replacement or minimally invasive hip replacement. Both the techniques are in practice. But the mechanism of minimally invasive replacement is advancing day by day to ensure maximum benefit to the patients.

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Surgery

This surgery involves only a few incisions and stitches compared to the traditional surgery method. It is considered to be a less painful surgery method with quicker recovery time. The best hip replacement doctors in Mumbai follow a lot of ways to perform this operation. However, this surgery method has a huge scope of research to improve the efficiency and benefits of the treatment.


If performed successfully and depending on the further progress of research on the field, these are possible benefits of minimally invasive hip replacement surgery.

  • As the surgery involves tiny cuts, the scars are minimal thus it won’t have much impact on your physical appearance.
  • It is assumed that the recovery time is quite minimal and faster after invasive replacement surgery than the traditional surgery method.
  • This method involves very less injury or damage to the surrounding tissues of the spot of surgery.
  • Blood loss is minimal in this surgery
  • As a small camera is inserted through the cuts to view the surgery location, the surgery becomes more challenging for the surgeons.
  • During the surgery, many tissues and nerves can get damaged.

The best hip replacement consultants in Mumbai suggest that this surgery may not suit all. They state that this surgery can be done successfully to those who are young, thin, had no previous hip surgery, osteoporosis, or bone abnormalities.

Traditional hip replacement surgery

This surgery method involves more incisions to get a broader view of the surgery spot.

  • This method is being practiced for several years and is a tested method showing lesser risks.
  • The surgeon gets a clear vision of the surgery spot. Thus the surgeon operates more confidently as the probability of accuracy is greater.
  • In contrast to minimally invasive hip replacement surgery, traditional surgery involves bigger and visible scars.
  • The recovery time is comparatively longer than invasive hip replacement surgery.
  • The injury to the surrounding tissues of the surgery location is more than the minimally invasive surgery.

The best hip replacement doctors in Mumbai suggest that traditional surgery should be done for healthy people who have the strength to withstand the consequences. However, patients with any weight and slight osteoporosis symptoms can undergo this surgery.

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